What Happened to Bull Run CrossFit?

We made some pretty big changes at Raise the Bar Fitness over the past year and a half. One significant change was what happened to Bull Run CrossFit. In 2020 we canceled our Affiliate agreement with HQ and have since overhauled the programming. The intention of this blog post is to share some of the details that led to those decisions. Before I get too far into the details I should qualify my position to make such a case. I have over twenty years of immersed experience in fitness with a decade as a gym owner and head coach. Of

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A Decade of Perspective

A Decade of Perspective A post I never imagined writing yet here I am. A post that’s made me cry, laugh, smile & sit in total silence in an overwhelming state of humility. A post to reflect on a single moment that changed the course of my entire adult life. A moment that happened 10 years ago this very day when I put a key into a lock & turned it.I opened a front door, walked through a lobby with purple carpeting & into a warehouse that would be converted from a filthy space with a large meat freezer in the middle

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  • What Happened to Bull Run CrossFit?
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