About Us


Fitness Facility

Raise the Bar’s flagship program Flexx & Fiire represents over twenty years of industry experience, research, and product development. Owner & Co-Founder Brian Sweeney modeled the program from his experience in professional bodybuilding, endurance and conditioning programming, and national fitness program delivery. The best of what exercise science and professional experience has to offer has facilitated the creation of a program that conditions the individual 360°. This enables the client to “do life” with strength, poise, balance, and physical integrity.

Our Methodology

We recognize that all of our clients come from varying athletic backgrounds. We’ve trained everything from former high school and college athletes to individuals that are stepping into a gym for the first time. It is our belief that every individual has the potential to develop “athletic strength” and “athletic skill” at any age. Though the degrees at which those skills manifest differently from person to person the physical potential to create an athletic edge is attainable in the present – despite any previous level of activity, accomplishment, or injury that the individual may have experienced. Your best opportunity to be the best version of yourself is in the present.

Our Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is rooted in the idea that strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity are perishable attainments that can easily be achieved or lost based on the rituals, habits, and commitments of the individual. Fitness is a journey that demands consistent dedication and attention. The more time and effort put into prioritizing the pursuit of optimal health the greater the quality and longevity of life for the individual.


Fully Qualified Instructors

The heart and soul of Raise the Bar is the husband and wife fitness duo, Brian & Jenny that have created a unique training experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the area. The attention to client detail has enabled them to transform hundreds of lives from teens to seniors. With each year the gym has been in business they have evolved and modeled their service offerings off of best practices and education and most importantly the library of consistent client results and testimonials.

Brian Sweeney - Founder

Jenny Sweeney - Co-Founder