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Life-Changing Fitness, Nutrition, and Community

Raise the Bar Fitness

Set a New Standard. Raise the Bar.

We are a community-driven gym rooted in the belief that our quality of life is directly tied to our quality of health.

We believe that wellness is a combination of our emotional, mental, and physical states.

We further believe that we create an experience at Raise the Bar that fuels the wellbeing of our emotions, the grit of our mental state, and the health and vitality of the physical body. And we do so through a group environment that is supportive, encouraging and over-the-top fun.

Raise the Bar is humbly owned by Brian and Jenny Sweeney who have spent their married life dedicated to helping others overcome preventable diseases and illnesses through passion, authentic care, education, and determination.

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I reccomend Raise the Bar fitness because it has helped me a lot reaching my fitness goals. I have been a member since June 2019 and my fitness has improved a lot. It is also a very fun place filled with great people working towards same goal. Coaches are amazing! Very knowledgeable and helpful...way different to other gyms I have attended.

Alejandro Quezada

The workouts produce great results. I have lost fat and gained muscles. You do different exercises every day so you do not get bored with the workouts. I always feel better physically and mentally after my workouts. The coaches are fun too.


Want people who are truly invested in your well being? Raise the Bar is for you. Great family atmosphere, support system.

Lucas Darnell

I have been a member of this gym for over 2 years- that says a lot because before meeting the Sweeney's I couldn't stay motivated for over 2 months. This is not just a gym. This is a community that keeps you accountable and encourages you to be at class because they need you too to stay on track. I personally prefer the crossfit side but the Reflex side of the gym is awesome too. I attend both sides depending on what my schedule allows. Additionally, I trust the coaches to train my child in the Crossfit kids program- believe me when I tell you I am extremely cautious when it comes to my son and they are wonderful!!!! He doesn't get enough physical activity at school and the crossfit kids program is a lot like what I remember PE used to be - challenging and a great energy burner. Anyway, love Raise the Bar. The door is open and would recommend a conversation with the owners before you think, "crossfit isn't for me." I thought that too and I'm so glad I was more open minded when I needed to be.

Nicole Naum

Raise The Bar (RTB) is AMAZING! I lost over 40 lbs! I was overweight and always tired! Being stressed out and feeling lost, I was referred to RTB and was hesitant at first but once I came to the first group class, I was SOLD! By joining this community, the friends and people I met and have connected with have become my family! Its been awesome! I highly recommend checking out Raise The Bar!

Bryan Felder

If your not awake when you walk through the doors you will be within 5 minutes...the program gets you moving and the athlete energy is always on fire

Donna Clatterbuck Mischou

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